Frequently Asked Questions

1.- Do you provide concrete?

C-Ment Concrete Services is a start to finish service provider. We provide the highest quality concrete for all of our job sites.We work with the best concrte suppliers in the industry.

2.- What is the best concrete finish for my project?

There are many different types of concrete that can be used for many different applications. Troweled, broom finish, swirl finish, exposed aggregate, colored, stamped, carved are a few of the options. While one is not necessarily better than another, each has it’s place, and there is quite a price difference between them.

3.- Can my existing concrete be topped over to repair surface problems?

Yes, in some circumstances. Any structurally solid, surface deteriorated concrete can be resurfaced, however, existing cracks will come back through. Any spills, toppings, sealers, tiles,etc. would first have to be removed to get to a structurally sound base before topping.

4.-How much do your concrete services cost?

The price ranges depending on size of job, location, access, amount of work required

5.-When is the best time to pour new concrete?

During the heat, cold, rain, extra precautions are needed-Insulated tarps, poly roofs, spray misting to keep cool in heat. The best time is when frost is not a concern anymore, in cool but not cold weather, not in too much heat. March through October are our best months, as long as its not raining, or too hot.